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Based in Brighton, UK

Release date:
26th November, 2015

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Square Rave is a high-score chasing action game, speeding around an ever-changing field of squares to find safety before the end of each bar of music! The more blue squares you pass through the higher your score will climb, but be careful - the trail you leave behind will block your path. As the tempo rises, your skills and reflexes will be tested to the extreme! It's quick to fail, but quick to restart too...


Square Rave is by sound designer and musician Adam Hay, who has worked for Traveller's Tales, Frontier, Rare and currently The Chinese Room. Borne out of a lifelong love of making games, beginning with Klik and Play on his parent's 486 right through to work on multi-million selling franchises, Square Rave brings together his love of twitchy action games and melodic electronic music!


  • Fast-paced, tempo-synced action!
  • Finely tuned touch screen controls!
  • Challenge mates to high scores with GameCenter leaderboards and features!
  • Seven pulse-racing electronic music tracks ranging from 120 BPM to 240 BPM!
  • Quick restart to scratch that "just one more go" itch!


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Selected Articles

  • "Square Rave looks to be the next twitchy rhythm-action game set to sink its musical fangs into me. That's a good thing, by the way."
    - Chris Priestman, www.pocketgamer.com

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Original Soundtrack
Available from http://unusualcadence.bandcamp.com .

About Unusual Cadence

Unusual Cadence is Adam Hay, a sound designer and musician who has worked for companies such as Traveller's Tales, Frontier and Rare. Currently at The Chinese Room, these are some of his game-making side-quests.

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Square Rave Credits

Adam Hay
Game, music, 'art'

Becky Leigh
Testing, feedback, moral support

Alex Grahame
Icon art

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks